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West End Winteringham, Chapel, Temperance Hall and Cottages

This photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Marjorie Bratton, and scanned ©Ken Jacobs 2005


West End, probably in Edwardian times.  The date has to be some time after the building of the Chapel (1891), and before the building of the houses next to it - The Mount, and Elim House (1912).  The cottages on the right are now long gone, as is the Temperance Hall in the middle distance, which was demolished in the early 1960s.

Earlsgate Farm, Winteringham

This postcard kindly supplied by Harry Wells, shows sheep in West End perhaps going to Earlsgate Farm - the title of the postcard.



West End cottages, kindly supplied by Sandra Clayton, probably taken before the similar photograph below

West End Cottages

The cottages in West End at the top of the rise from the Church.  Note the National School in the left distance, and beyond it the “new” Rectory.  Also note the man on the roof.  These cottages were demolished in the mid-1950s, and for many years the lower 3 feet or so of their front walls became a wall to the field behind.

Marjorie Bratton

This photograph (above and below) kindly supplied by Marjorie Bratton and scanned by Ken Jacobs

West End Cottages demolition?

Here’s a close-up of the builder on top of the cottage, and it is thought he may be starting demolishing it.  This would place the photo in the mid-1950s, as would the nicely kerbed and newly laid footpath which was done at that time.  When these cottages existed, the field opposite had no houses at all on it, so there were no buildings between Orobanche Tugurium and the National School.  The right hand side of the road down to the Church on the other hand was almost completely built up apart from a couple of “working” gardens to the houses.


West End Winteringham

Another Andrew’s postcard, looking west along West End.  The house on the left is Humber View, an old schoolhouse with the classroom beside it.  Opposite is Andrew’s shop with it’s metal signs.

Postcard courtesy of Les Burkill, scanned by Ken Jacobs

Cottage in West End

The cottage stood on West End just in front of the Orchard house. It was last occupied by the Barber family who have given us this picture showing Mrs. Annie Barber.The cottage was last occupied in 1954/5 and was demolished after this.

(Photograph from Sandra Clayton and Val Peill, originally from the Barber family

Valerie and Helen Bent and Friends

West End 1958
Valerie and Helen Bent (at the back) with Catherine and Jacqueline Agnew (front)

Val says of the Agnew girls: “I can't remember how long they lived next door to us, but I seem to think they moved back to Scotland.”

Photograph courtesy of Valerie Mercer, and scanned by Jamie Crowston


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