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Photographs and information supplied by Sarah Delisle, Sandra Clayton and Christine Hammond

Winteringham WI float


Sarah says: I can't name everyone in the photos but I know someone else will be able to! My mum (Barbara Christopher, later Barbara Duff) was the vicar in the chimps' tea party (below). I remember the bible she is holding is actually a Dick Francis novel! In the second she is the executioner. The unfortunate lady waiting to have her head chopped off is Sandra Clayton’s mother - Mrs Bell.  The pig’s head in the middle of the feast is - a pig’s head!  It was ordered and delivered earlier in the day.
I think Winteringham WI used to do very well on the floats if I recall correctly.

Winteringham WI float


WI Hospital Float

Photograph courtesy of Sandra Clayton, who tells us: “Winteringham W.I. always tried to get some humour into their entry, hence the sausages {intestines} coming out of the patient in the bed. Mavis Wingate is in the wheelchair and my mum is looking after her with the bedpan. The theme of the floats that year was television programmes.”

WI Bathing Beauties


WI Too Many Cooks


Winteringham WI - West Indies


Winteringham WI - Artist


Winteringham WI - Butter


Winteringham WI - Noddy

From a different era!

Winteringham WI Entertainers

The text states: The Committee of the Winteringham Women’s Institute and workers including - Mrs W. H. Smith (president), Mrs D Sutton (vice president), Mrs Sawyer (treasurer), Mrs Barratt, Mrs H Sutton and Mrs Bratton (shown in the above group) who entertained the village children to a New Year’s party.



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