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Ladies Circle

Photo kindly supplied by Val Peill, and Scanned by Ken Jacobs

Winteringham Ladies Circle Annual Dinner 1970s

Winteringham Ladies Circle, Annual Dinner 1970s.

Back row
Laura Barley, Dorothy Spinks, Linda Baxter, Margaret Burton, Shirley Ogg, Rose Brumby, Edith Button, Barbara Button
Next row
Mrs Smith, Lillian Kitchen, Pam Duck, Mrs Rose, Nora Proctor, Iris Cox
Other table
Kath Ogg, Lorraine Nundy.

Val writes: The Ladies Circle was started by Mrs Kath Smith and some other members of the chapel.  It began in Sept 1961, having at one time 71 members, some coming from other villages. I was told it properly ended around 1997.  Mrs Margaret Burton was the Chair person for a good many years.




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