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Gate End

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(Top) Val Peill, and scanned by Ken Jacobs

(Middle) Mary Fell

(Bottom) Lorna Tomlinson, and scanned by Ken Jacobs


800 w -GROUP OUTSIDE SHOP-20121125-110254

Gate End in Winter, in the early 1900s

The shop was still probably owned and run by Gertrude Spencer, who had previously been married with the surname Otter.  The children are all well turned out, but there are large puddles - VERY large puddles in the hollow of West End and Ferry Lane!

Gate End postcard - 800w

Gate End in the 1930s, from West End.  (Mary Fell)

A noticeboard is visible on the left, for currently unknown purpose, but by the 1950s a similar noticeboard on the wall of the shop (right) listed the players for the next game of Winteringham Football Club.

800 w -WEST END ABOUT 1964-20130213-093658

West End from Gate End, about 1964 (Lorna Tomlinson, scanned by Ken Jacobs)

The “reverse” view compared to the above photo, with some interesting differences on and around the Bay Horse.  The “new” butcher’s shop is in the middle distance, together with the farm buildings that are now rooms for Winteringham Fields.


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