Normanby Hall Meet

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Normanby Hall Occasion, from Val Peill

Bottom Row.  Left to Right,---  Peggy Bell, Nancy Stamp, Janet Greaves, Edna Burkill, Glenda Jackson, Geraldine Moulds, Lorraine Nundy,
Next row up. -Jane Harry, Dorothy Dene,  Josie Ogg, Mrs Revell, Kathleen Ogg, Mary Macallagan, Barbara Button,
Next row up,--Sandra Clayton, Edie Button ,VI Bell, Eileen McPhillips.
Next row up,--- Dorothy Spinks, Mrs Stow, Rose Meek, Pat Dale, Jean Mcavoy,
Next row up ---- Abbey Wingate, Mrs M Kirkby,
Next row up --- Mrs Haynes, Mrs Gooch, unknown, Val Lancaster, Mrs Cook,
Next row up,--- Laura Barley, Margaret Burton, Kath Burkill, (or Mrs O Peill) Helen Ogg, Mrs Bray,
Next row up,--- Val Coles, Jane Burkill, Iris Cox, Nora Proctor, unknown.

Normanby Hall womens meeting 1000w

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