Peeps Round Winteringham

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Peeps Round Winteringham

Peeps round Winteringham - 800w

This postcard shows five views of Winteringham, with each view on the original no more than 1 inches wide - so the scans below have been expanded by many times the original!  Date unknown, but a few years either side of 1910 is most likely.

900w PRWPeeps round Winteringham - Rectory orig-20150417-204712

The Rectory and Church from the west.

900w PRWPeeps round Winteringham - Church orig-20150417-204712

The Church from outside the National School

900w PRWPeeps round Winteringham - Andrews Shop - orig-20150417-204712

Andrews Grocery and General Cash Store in West End.

900w PRWPeeps round Winteringham - Silver St orig-20150417-204712

Silver Street looking east.

900w PRWPeeps round Winteringham - High Tide orig-20150417-204712

The boatyard at High Tide.  The boat furthest away is on the floating dry dock.


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