Plough Jags

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Plough Jags, by Alan Frost, told by Sandra Clayton

Plough Jags

We had four very good gangs near Winteringham. Alkborough, Burton, a big gang and a little one or younger men who did not go so far from home, then very close to us West Halton. I will try to describe  one of the last rounds as told to me by Mr. S  Holdridge about 1913. After one or two rehearsals they set off from Mrs. Beverley's home who often had one or two sons in the gang. This lady stored all the clothes hats etc from year to year with camfor balls to keep the moths out. So first to Whitton after collecting and wishing a Happy New Year down Ings Lane across Whitton footpath to Winteringham by way of Rotten Sykes path into the lane then taking another short cut Dole Close Path or Trod to our church playing and again wishing us a Happy New Year calling at Bay Horse and Ferry Boat as they collected the money and on to Winterton Hall by invitation and was given a 5 shilling piece again all round Winterton to play, drink and collect.''

They seemed to be going all day round Roxby, Scunthorpe, Flixborough and on to Normanby Hall where they had a special invitation to play at 6pm. then round Burton, Thealby and Coleby and back home to West Halton where they had supper in West Halton school. ( It was late and the pub was shut!!)



For more information, especially on the Burton team, including a photo, see here:


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