Winteringham School Days in the 50s

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Schooldays at Winteringham in the 1950s, by Elaine Harrison


Winteringham Primary School Pupils 1957

Miss Brown’s class approximately 1957.

Back: John Kirk, John Dickinson, Lorraine Smith, Tony Button, Jane Bell, Brian Simon

Front:Peter Willis, Elaine Ogg, Margaret Kirkby, Diana Todd, Norman Favell, Graham Walker, John Suter

Picture and names supplied by Elaine Harrison (Elaine Ogg - second from the left on the front row)

I joined the school in 1951 at the age of 4 years.

My first teacher was Miss Coggan. Her classroom was at the school hill end of the building. The room also doubled as the hall. There was no covered-in corridor in those days and the toilets were across the yard - pretty cold when it snowed! I still remember singing along to Miss Coggan on the piano, threading wooden beads in patterns in her class and playing with Louby Lou the class doll.

From here we moved to the opposite end of the building to Miss Malone’s classroom. My biggest memory here was learning to knit. I can remember struggling to knit a pair of slippers in a cotton thread. Mine were bright lime green I think. I know that the soles were made out of my grandfather's trilby hats.

Then it was on to the middle classroom and Miss Brown. This class, I enjoyed very much although endless hours of practising italic script using a wooden spill and the liquid ink from the ink wells proved tedious.

The class, one year, wrote their own play which we performed. We also made papier mache puppets. In the summer when the weather was hot we often went for "nature walks" along the old railways lines in Marsh Lane. The first plant I could ever name was the rose-bay willow herb. One summer we were asked to collect wild flowers (something you'd never be allowed to do now with conservation!). I still have the little 'Collins' Guide to Wild Flowers' book that I won from Miss Brown for collecting the most in the summer holidays.

Miss Brown and Miss Malone lived together in the school house on West End and came to school in a black car. In those days I only remember them and Dr O'Hagen having cars in the village.

Back in 1951 the school uniform consisted of purple and grey. The beret was the shape of a threepenny bit, with a tree on the badge. My brother Maurice and I had blazers when we started and my sister Cynthia and I had purple gingham dresses at one stage but the uniform seemed to disappear before we left.

Our PE kit continued until I left - black shorts with a purple stripe down the side. We used them for sports on the grass in the summer or PE on oval coconut mats on the tarmac. We had wooden hoola hoops, well before the craze, beanbags which we made and filled with rose hips or haws and balls and skipping ropes.

Lunch was cooked on site and a treat to behold. Kath Burkill and her team made the most delicious food served from brown tureens. I remember the children being paid to collect brambles for puddings in the autumn. At Christmas there was always a sixpence in the Christmas puddings. I remember the blackout curtains in the dining room left over from the war but embroidered along the bottom in bright colours.

I must admit I enjoyed my time in Winteringham.

©Elaine Harrison

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