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Winteringham “Council School,” 1928 (July 25th)

Supplied by Leonard Hunsley via Sandra Clayton and scanned by Ken Jacobs


There must have been the smell of fresh paint still in the air when these photos were taken!  The School had opened on Monday 9th July 1928, and these photographs were taken just 16 days later on Wednesday 25th July 1928!  We believe they were taken in front of the large classroom at the east end of the school, which had a folding screen to allow it to become two rooms.

If you know any more names, please let us know.


SANDRA'S SCHOOL PICS 25th July 1928 - 800w

Headmaster Mr Draper,     Teacher Miss Chipperfield
Back row.  2nd girl Connie Bratton    4th girl Nance Sewell
Middle row    1st. girl  Eva Curtis   2nd girl  Rose Bell 3rd girl  Harrison 6th girl  Dolly Moss 8th girl Annie Barber.  





Back row Mr,.  Draper                             Teacher Miss Winder.
Back row. 7th boy   Harold Hatton
Middle row. 4th girl Francis Jarvis.    7th girl  Nance Brumby  9th girl Betty Standerline   10th girl ? Robinson
Front row.    Boy holding board  Arthur Moss.  The boy to the right of him is Charles Frederick Ogg, date of birth: June 7th 1922, so 6 years old when this photo was taken.    Boy at end of row  ?Proctor.


Moss children

Arthur, Kath,  Dolly. Ted, and Charlie Moss

I am told that the photo was taken because they all had had full school attendance.

The family lived on High Burgage, Their mother sadly died when the children were young.

Florence Moss nee' Brumby (their mother) was buried in Winteringham Churchyard on the 3rd Jan 1930, The small boy Ted was killed in the Korean war, and is remembered on the Scunthorpe  War memorial.

The photo is probably from the early 1930s .... the boy in the second class photo who is holding the Slate with the date on, is the boy back row left in this photo.



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