Winteringham School 1957

Winteringham Local History and Genealogy

Winteringham School, Miss Brown’s Class, (top) and Miss Malone’s Class (middle), Miss Coggan’s Class (bottom)

The photos below show the whole school in 1957.  There are 82 children shown here, plaus two teachers.  Miss Coggan is the missing teacher.



Winteringham Primary School, Miss Brown's Class 1957


Back row: Miss Brown, Brian Simon, Owen Barratt, Graham Johnson, David Suter, Gerald Harrison, Stuart Simon,
Margaret Potts, Helen Bent, Christine Thornton, Alan Walker
Middle row: Jane Bell, Lorraine Smith, Margaret Fenwick, Marilyn McPhillips, Janet Graves, Lorna Bratton,
Barbara Cook, Diana Todd, Suzette Dowson
Front row: Margaret Wilson, Margaret Kirkby, Katharine Willis, Janet Burgan, Peter Willis,
John Kirk, Norman Favill, Elaine Ogg
Photo supplied by Elaine Harrison (Elaine Ogg in the photo)


Miss Malone's Class 1957 Winteringham School

Back row: Miss Malone, Georgie Drury, Peter Millson, June Hall, Christine Bray, Val Bent, Tony Button, Jean Graves, Roy Hatton, John Dickinson
Middle row: Dorothy Barley, Keith Weatherhogg, Christine Cook, Barbara Proctor, Alistair McPhillips, Graham Walker, Geraldine Benson, Mary McClenagan
Front row: Susan Walker, Pat Shipp, Susan Willlis, Nora Caris, Robin Proctor, Walter Proctor, Wendy Wright, Nancy Gardner

Photo supplied by Valerie Mercer (Valerie Bent in the photo) and scanned by Jamie Crowston
Names supplied by Christine Hammond (Christine Bray on the photo) Valerie Mercer, and Jean Lowman (Jean Graves on the photo) and others.


There is also a photograph of the family groups on this page for the same year (1957).


Miss Coggan's Class 1957 Winteringham School


Back row: Jean Fenwick, Ann Athersych, Dorothy Birkett, Lyne Burnell, Cynthia Ogg, Gordon Barley, John Cook, Anthony “Flyer” Robinson, Valerie Simon, Eric May, William Procter (willie)
Middle row:  ? Proctor, Kathleen Woodrow, Raymond Fenwick (Bill), Roseanne Kidd, ?, Jennifer Clarke, Pat Walker, Julie Armstrong, Glenda Wingate, Roy Hunsley
Front,   Jennifer Willis, Alan Burgey, David Hatton, possibly Robert Standerline OR Stuart Birkett, Ann Weatherhogg, Jennifer Richardson,  William Robinson, John Robinson, Gaynor Wingate

Names supplied by Anthony “Flyer” Robinson, Christine Hammond, Val Mercer, Jean Fenwick, Ann Weatherhogg, and others.

NB: Where’s Miss Coggan herself!

Photo courtesy of Anne Weatherhogg, scanned by Christine Hammond


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