Winteringham Primary School 1952

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School 1952 (includes Tony Jacklin)  3 school photos - showing the whole school in 1952! Plus the School dinner Staff from the same year.

Winteringham Primary School Juniors 1950

Photograph kindly supplied by Mary Fell (nee Clarke - back row, second from right)

Back row: Val Bell, Chris Barber, Les Howlett, Nancy Hilton, Jenny Sewell, Rita Cowling, Mary Clarke, Pat Thompson
Middle row: John Risebury, Jeanette Williamson, Ann May, Christine Earl, Cora Welbourn, Hazel Armstrong, Val Coles, Janet Allen (Waddingham), Janet Smith
Front row: Dave Ogg, Don Thornton, Linda Meek, Rena Williamson, Joyce Simon, Joyce Parkinson, Terry Teal, Andrew Mumby, standing is Michael Howe

Below: The photograph in different sections giving a better view of each person.

Winteringham Primary School Juniors 1950 - Left


Winteringham Primary School Juniors 1950-centre


Winteringham Primary School Juniors 1950-right


School Group 1952

Back row:  Jean Cook,  Peter Cawrey,  John Earl,  Terry Stainthorpe,  Harrold Hilton,  Peter Bell, Tony Jacklin,  John Parkinson.
Middle row:  Jacqueline Cawrey,  Sylvia Armstrong,  Sandra Bell, Jean Simon,  Shirley Cook, Eileen O'Hagan, Barbara Thompson, Kathleen Ogg, Susan Harrison.
Front row:  Barry Hilton  Leonard Hunsley  Vera Simon  Helen Mumby  Winnie Drury, Christine Walker, Reginald Moulds,  Kenny Robinson

Photo supplied by Leonard Hunsley, and scanned by Sandra Clayton

Winteringham School circa 1952 - 800w

Photograph kindly supplied by Lorna Tomlinson (nee Bratton - back row, 7th from left)

Roy Gray, Maurice Ogg, Christine Thornton, Ann Barrett, Margaret Wilson, Margaret Potts, Lorna Bratton, Margaret Fenwick, Barbara Cook, John Smith, Graham Walker

Katharine Willis, Stuart Simon, Jessie Clarke, Stephen Barthorpe, Gloria Hudson, Jeff Proctor, Dinah Smith, Alan Walker, Janet Graves, Lynn Jacklin (Tony Jacklin's sister), Graham Johnson, Marilyn McPhillips

Owen Barrett, Angela Howe, Margaret Kirkby, Barbara Proctor, Diane Todd, Jane Bell, Brian Simon, Elaine Ogg, Rosemary Barrett, Lorraine Smith, Eileen Huaghen, John Williamson

Penny (Miss Brown's dog)

The above photo has been split into three (below) to give a better view of the children


Winteringham School circa 1952 - Left 525w


Winteringham School circa 1952 - centre 525w


Winteringham School circa 1952 - right 525w

School dinner Staff 1952

Dinner Staff at Winteringham School 1952 - 584w

Left to right: Miss Burkill [cook ], Mrs. Wilson, [dinner supervisor], Miss Barley [Mrs. Spink] [ canteen assistant, & Mrs. Cook [Miss Wynne] [Dinner supervisor]



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